Understanding Home Repairs for Older Homes

For people who have a home that is over 25 years old, repairs become a more cyclical norm. The issue for many homeowners that have older homes, is how to prioritize which home improvement tasks should be done first.

In general, there are a few things that typically start to become more problematic when a home is over the age of 25 years old. Planning for future repairs and replacements is wise as they may arise unexpectedly. There are a few primary items that should be considered most important to be wary of. These are:

• Roof Repairs
• Furnace Repairs
• Hot Water Heater Replacements
• Windows and Door Replacement
• Bathroom and Kitchen Fixture Replacement

These are often first things that need repairing after the 25-year-old threshold has passed. Some people who own or buy a home that is 25 years or older may want to invest their money in the aesthetics of a home. However, there are wiser investments.

Understanding major Repairs and Replacements

In most cases, if the furnace and roof system have been cared for properly, their lifespan can be extended quite a bit beyond the 25-year span. However, the hot water heater, bathroom and kitchen fixtures as well as doors and windows, may be inclined to need repair and replacement even if cared for properly. The difference with these types of repairs is that external circumstances may cause wear and tear beyond the homeowner’s control.

Hot water heaters can break down from faulty materials as well as problems due to unusual water types. Because a hot water heater filters water as it heats it, there can be problems if the water supply has certain contents. Water supplies with high levels of corrosive materials can cause hot water heater failures before their typical lifespan.

Bathroom and Kitchen fixtures are also known to wear and tear quite readily. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Like a hot water heater, if the water in the home has corrosive components such as: hard, water, soft water, high PH water, high mineral water or high amounts of chlorine, this can adversely affect piping throughout the home.

Additionally, because these two rooms are often the most used rooms in a home, they usually experience greater wear. That means the fixtures such as sinks, faucets, showers, toilets and tubs as well as piping may be inclined to see some significant decline in functionality over the years. Because of this, homeowners should be conscientious and be prepared to replace piping and fixtures if this occurs.

When it comes to Windows and doors, there are a host of things that can affect them especially weather. That is why it is not unusual to see the need for this type of repair in an older home. Windows that have energy efficient seals may break over time. This makes them inefficient. Certainly, inclement weather can cause this. That is why many people end up seeking the sturdier window replacement Colorado Springs CO homeowners can count on to survive the winter and inclement weather.

The good news with these types of home improvements, is that they also improve property value once they are completed. Unlike simple aesthetic home improvement expenses, each of these types of repairs can boost the value, aesthetics and comfort in a home. That is why these are considered the best types of home repair investments to plan for.