How to Keep Your Kitchen Drain from Getting Clogged

It’s common for people to use their kitchen garbage disposal like a trash can. Unfortunately, this is precisely way they usually end up having to contact a plumber with an emergency that can cost a lot of money. What most people don’t realize is that a garbage disposal isn’t actually for the purpose of destroying all of your food scraps. There are a lot of things that are put in a garbage disposal that should have gone in the trash. This isn’t something that most people learn until they spend enough money having to fix the garbage disposal.

If you need any plumber conifer co, it’s probably because of something that could have been avoided. While there are some plumbing issues that have to do with the age of the home and the pipes, most of the plumbing problems that people experience could have been prevented. For instance, problems with the kitchen drain is one of the most common issues. Sometimes it happens because coffee grounds were constantly placed in the garbage disposal when they should have been put in the trash. Most plumbers will tell you that they have visited many homes because of this issue.

Another common problem that causes homeowners to throw money down the drain is putting oils, fats and grease in the garbage disposal. This goes wrong for so many reasons, but mainly because these items clog the pipes, which does not allow other items to pass through, so it ends up creating a nightmare clog that’s filled with coffee grinds, oils, egg shells and many other items from the food that has been cooked over the past year. The reason why this is such a problem is because a lot of people just don’t know better. They simply assumed that it would be fine, and you really can’t fault someone for not knowing. Unfortunately, that lack of knowledge becomes costly.

You might be surprised to find out that produce stickers are something that’s often clogged inside of drains. It’s because they slip off of packaging when cleaning meat or anything else that’s wrapped in plastic and cleaned in the sink. Produce stickers cause the worse type of clog because the glue on the back serves as an adhesive for all of the other items in the pipes that are stuck together. By the time a plumber pulls out the clog, there are so many things stuck together that it’s surprising the sink was even functional.

Something else that’s often found in kitchen sinks to the surprise of many is caustic chemicals, such as paint. For some reason, many people believe they can dispose of paint in the garbage disposal when that could not be further from the truth. While the paint might be fine, it’s the chemicals in the paint that causes a problem. They can eat away at your pipes and cause you to have to replace them well before you would have had to otherwise.