Hiring A Plumber For Your Septic System

If your home is equipped with a septic system, you understand that it takes maintenance to keep the system running right. Not only does it need to be cleaned at regular intervals, but, you should have it inspected and treated at least once per year. Septic systems are typically installed in homes where there is no public sewer system in place. They can be very expensive to replace and you should try to keep your system in top condition in order to prevent having to do this.

Should You Repair Or Replace Your System

When you begin to have trouble with your septic system, the first thing you want to know is whether it can be repaired or if it will need to be completely replaced. Most systems will be able to be repaired unless it has collapsed. Once a system collapses, a complete replacement is necessary. Repairs can be made by qualified personnel from a septic system company. Most plumbers will be able to make repairs to any of these systems and you should look up a listing like plumbing repairs killeen tx. for more information. Sometimes a system begins to get cracks, since they are made from cement usually, and these cracks will need to be filled before they become a larger problem. Your plumber will be able to look at the system using television cameras that go inside the unit. He can then make an assessment of the damage and let you know how they will go about making repairs.

New Systems That Can Be Installed

There are many new systems that have come out on the market in recent years and they are lower in price than most of the old cement systems that were used years ago. These new systems use heavy duty tanks that are buried in your yard and the waste plumbing pipes are run to them. These tanks come in many sizes and they are made of materials that are guaranteed to last for at least twenty years. The cost of these tanks is approximately one third of the price of the old fashioned septic systems. They have been used in many homes and have proven to be very reliable. Ask your plumber about these types of systems and whether they can have it installed for you. Installation of these tanks takes hours as compared to days for the old systems. Your plumber can let you know what size tank you will need for your home. These tanks are also drained in the same manner as the old systems and need to be done just as frequently. It depends on the use in your home.

If you have to contact a plumber about your septic system, it is best if you know where the system is located on the property. If he needs to first find the entrance to the septic, the cost he charges for his services will increase. Most homes will have this information included in the original plans when it was built.